The Yankee Dollar
The Yankee Dollar
Dot 1968

Music - 2 stars

The Yankee Dollar - front cover

front cover

The Yankee Dollar - rear cover

rear cover


A California pop rock group, this time with five guys and a really energetic girl lead singer. When it comes to style think Mamas and the Papas, though Yankee Dollar is nowhere near that legendary group when it comes to sparkling harmonies, superb arrangements, and terrific songs.

Of the eleven tunes the group wrote eight, and their material isn't bad. A six minute song called "Follow Your Dream's Way" Is commendable. There is some of the usual navel gazing and "canyons of your mind musings, but it is the sixties after all". Where this album falls apart is production. We can Listen to an unusual and unnecessary version of Bob Dylan's "Times they are a Changing", or Donovan's "Catch The Wind". However, there is a tinny sounding and overly amplified organ on too many of these songs. Also the engineers speed up some cuts as if louder and faster adds luster to the proceedings.

- Allan J Moore

Note: We have heard that The Yankee Dollar is a hot collectors item commanding between 120.00 - 150.00 [Yankee Dollars] for a Near Mint copy. Feedback from other collectors is, as always, most appreciated.