ABC 1969

Music - 2 stars

wool - front cover

front cover

wool - inside gatefold

inside gatefold

wool - rear cover

rear cover


Somewhat interesting album with two members named Wool. [Claudia ,vocals and Ed. ,on guitar & vocals.]The band has a decent rhythm .section, also, six of the nine cuts are covers, but that doesn't make this a bad record.

They do a credible version of Big Brothers' Combination of the Two & The Band's To Kingdom Come. Wool can chill out with a pretty ballad, in this case Evie Sand's Any Way that you Want It.
The final cut, a cover of Lester Christian's Funky Walk clocks in at 9:40. It could use a bit more bass, but this was 1969 and is anything ever really perfect? There's some cool cover art too.

- Allan J Moore