Patrick Woodroffe
Dave Greenslade
The Penateuch of the Cosmogony
UK - Dragons World
EMI -first printing 1979

Music - 3 stars

Patrick Woodroffe, Dave Greenslade - front cover

front cover

Patrick Woodroffe, Dave Greenslade - rear cover

rear cover

Patrick Woodroffe, Dave Greenslade - book opened

book open


For fans of science fiction and fantasy art this is a must. This 47 page hardbound book, album size with 2 LP's is a collaboration between artist Patrick Woodroffe and keyboardist Dave Greenslade, formally of Colosseum.
the book tells the story of an encounter with an alien spacecraft and the discovey of an ancient scripture similar to the first five books of the bible.

It contains diagrams and illustrations in a variety of media as well as the "text" of the ancient work.

The instrumental music on the 2 LP's is a combination of electronic and acoustic layered keyboards similar to Greenslade's solo albums. Fans of Yes, and Vangelis will find it enjoyable.