Halfway Hotel
Elektra 1979

Music - 5 stars

Act Of Love
RCA 1980

Music - 4 stars

Voyager -Halfway Hotel front cover

front cover

Voyger - Halfway Hotel rear cover

rear cover

Voyager -Act Of Love - front cover

front cover

Voyger - Act Of Love -  rear cover

rear cover


Voyager was a British band that made what might be described as pop songs with the complexity of progressive rock. Both albums were produced by Gus Dudgeon who worked with Elton John and many other British artists. The music is melodic with strong vocals and contains many interesting changes. It is entirely performed by the band.

Standout tracks on Halfway Hotel are “4-2-4 or 4-4-2?” - an interesting song with obscure lyrics that will stick in your head and “Straight Actors”.
On Act of Love, “Lead Head", which reminds me of Steely Dan, and "Cling to me". Highly recommended for those interested in well crafted music.