The Peanut Butter Conspiracy
The Peanut Butter Conspiracy is Spreading
Columbia 1968

Music - 5 stars

The Peanut Butter Consp - front cover

front cover

The Peanut Butter Consp - rear cover

rear cover


For those looking for a great late 60's hippie record this is the real deal. The PBC is an actual band with solid chops. The vocals are shared and the sole female lead {Sandi Robinson} is outstanding. Of the eleven cuts on the album ten were written by the band. The material is excellent, mostly covering love, the peaceful life, getting high, California Sunshine, and other swell things life has to offer. There are no clunkers on the album. The record is pulled together by Gary Usher the producer of consistent excellence. The album jacket is a super cool photo of the group. Finally,Lawrence Dietz contributes a definitive set of liner notes describing the new underground's upsetting effect on the establishment. Whether you were around in 1968 or not, this record is a great period piece.
It's groovy man, really groovy.

- Allan J Moore