The Flower Kings
Banks of Eden
InsideOut Music
(German import) 2012

Music - 4 stars

The Flower Kings - Banks of Eden - front cover

front cover

The Flower Kings - Banks of Eden - gatefold

inside gate fold

The Flower Kings - Banks of Eden- rear cover

rear cover


Roine Stolt has been making progressive rock since the 1970's first with the Swedish band Kaipa and then as a solo act. He is the primary composer and leader of the Flower Kings who were formed in 1994.

The new album “Banks of Eden”, the first since 2007, is in the grand tradition of 1970's prog albums by Yes and Genesis. “Numbers”, the opening song, clocks in at 25 minutes and weaves through many changes.

These guys can really play. The music is tight and complex and has a real band sound. The vocals will remind you of “Yes” and, in some sections the harmonies, remind me of the “Beach Boys”. I would really like to hear them live.

There is nothing new here but if you are a fan of progressive rock this is a very enjoyable record.