The Stranglers
Black and White
A & M 1978

Music - 3 stars

The Stranglers - front cover

front cover

The Stranglers - colored vinyl

colored vinyl record

The Stranglers - rear cover

rear cover


This record is the essence of what was called Punk-Rock in the mid to late 1970's. There are certain tracks IE. "Tank", "All Quiet on the Eastern Front" that challenge the listener and effectively convey the anger and fear surrounding the Cold War. (What most Americans seemed to have a love affair with back then).

The rest of the album unfortunately is a lot of pseudo-Doors posturing. Nothing is memorable except for the arrangements, The Stranglers had talent! - no doubt - what they really needed was a producer that did not desire to make them stars.

- Allan J Moore

This album has great graphic design especially with the black and white colored vinyl LP.