Nelson, Rick
In Concert At The Troubadour
Decca 1970

Music - 5 stars

In Concert - front cover

front cover

In Concert - inside gatefold

inside gatefold

In Concert - rear cover

rear cover


The night of December 13 1969 was one of the pivotal points in Nelson's career. Call this folk rock, country rock, or whatever else you choose' it was a flawless performance in front of a new and enthusiastic audience.Many of those present were peers. Nelson displayed three originals, and a couple of his standards, i.e., Hello Mary Lou, and Fats Domino's I'm walkin'. What's impressive is how he handles the covers and the fact that his writing demonstrates real maturity.

We are hearing the first incarnation of the Stone Canyon Band [Randy Meisner, Allan Kemp, Tom Brumley, and Patrick Shanahan] and I'm very impressed. This is a live album that really works. I wish the group had spread out and jammed a little more, but it is a wonderful record from an artist turning the page.

Great looking gatefold cover and very nice liner notes written by Nelson's friend Eric Anderson.

- Allan J Moore