Bobby Paris
Let Me Show You The Way
Tetragrammation 1968

Music - no stars

Bobby Paris - front cover

front cover

Bobby Paris - rear cover

rear cover


Bobby let us show you the way.... Out The Door.

- Allan J Moore

Lets go back a ways now. There was a television show on late nights in the 70's, a satire of late night talk shows, called America Tonight. Martin Mull was the host and Fred Willard played the sidekick part. They would have "guests" such as regulars from the Gong Show and a guy who did a parody of a Frank Sinatra type singer. The guy could sing, sort of, and would come out with all the confidence in the world but something was wrong, he did not quite pull it off and it was very funny.
This album belongs in the same category a guy sort of doing a parody of Tom Jones but not quite pulling it off, but then again, this was from the time period that produced William Shatner doing "Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds".