Grunt 1972

Music - 3-1/2 stars

One - front cover

front cover

One - Gatefold open

gatefold open

One - rear cover

rear cover


I placed this album in the Psychedelic Curios section because it has many of the elements of music of that time but it also has jazz structures, wordless vocals and some proto-new age ideas.

The primary vocalist, Reality "D" Blipcrotch, yes that is his name, uses his voice to make all sorts of insturmental sounds and do horn like solos and duets with a flute agumented with acoustic and electric instruments. Two of the songs on side one,"Reality" and "Free Rain", resolve into conventional lyrics. Side two is a long insturmental and wordless vocal set with jazz like improvisation.

The music and album graphics suggest a free wheeling musical gypsy caravan, an interesting period piece with some forward looking ideas.