Nicky Hopkins
The Tin Man Was A Dreamer
Columbia 1973

Music - 3 stars

Nicky Hopkins - front cover

front cover

Nicky Hopkins - gate fold open

gate fold open

Nicky Hopkins - rear cover

rear cover


This is a terrific disc for those who like the more expansive styled piano pioneered by Keith Emerson and the Nice in the late 1960's.
Hopkins is a classy studio pro and thankfully the record does not go under gasping and gurgling in a sea of mushy strings. In fact the material is quite nice in an eccentric sort of way, a kind of Donovan meets the Kinks.

The big weakness is simple; Hopkins just can't sing. He lacks the low key charm of Donovan or even the wistful and detached persona of Nick Drake. When he tries to emote he is just plain annoying.

Still the record is worth more than one listen for it's explicit piano stylings and generally tasteful production.

- Allan J Moore