Moving Hearts
Dark End Of The Street
WEA (Canadian import) 1982

Music - 5 stars

Dark End Of The Street - front cover

front cover

Dark End Of The Street - rear cover

rear cover


Moving Hearts is an Irish band employing traditional Celtic and electric instruments in a mix reminiscent of post Sandy Denny Fairport Convention.

In the dark days of the early 1980's when nuclear confrontation between the USA and the USSR seemed possible and a bitter sectarian fight between brothers was raging in Northern Ireland Moving Hearts produced a masterpiece.

The album opens with the self explanatory "Hiroshima,Nagasaki Russian Roulette". It also contains some excellent instrumentals and two covers - Quicksilver's "What Will You Do About me?" and the country classic "Dark End Of The Street" that takes on additional significance when considered against the backdrop of daily Catholic - Protestant warfare.

The centerpiece of the album is "No Time For Love". It directly addresses life in Northern Ireland and the difficulty of reaching across its bitter divisions. The music overall is first rate and the album carries a universal reminder not to forget the lessons of these struggles.