Mount Rushmore
High On Mount Rushmore
Dot 1968

Music - 3 stars

Mount Rushmore - front cover

front cover

Mount Rushmore - front cover

rear cover


Mount Rushmore was a San Francisco blues rock band with the basic two guitars, bass and drums line up. They do a cover of the Jimi Hendrix classic "Stone Free" and the Bobby Womack song "Cause She's So Good To Me".

The music gets into psychedelic mode on the second side with "Looking Back" a nine minute plus journey. The record overall is a good listen and an interesting period piece.

An added bonus, if you can find an original, is the Dot Records inner sleve offering up a selection of forgotten soft market hits like "The Billy Vaugn Singers". Signing Mount Rushmore must have been quite a big step for this label in 1968.