Bob Mosley
Bob Mosley
Reprise 1972

Music - 5 stars

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This record sounds nothing like the Moby Grape. There is no love or hope in Bob Mosley's universe. He is angry, defeated, bored, and depressed.
Mosley must be down on his luck, disconnected and always disappointed. "The Joker": introduces us to Mosley's state of mind. He is a face in the crowd, a powerless man who wants to run and hide from a changing world. "So many troubles" describes his depression. He is enveloped in darkness; he can't get out of and doesn't care any more, since this is his lot in life.

Going Fishing begins pleasantly enough, but is it literal? Halfway through the song Mosley is in a bar trying to pick up women. After an unpleasant exchange with one lady he hits her with a chair. The listener must draw his or her own conclusions.
Mosley's desolation is stark. He is unable to form constructive relations. He finds a body, face down while walking in New York; he talks of black rooms and strangers.

The question is has Mosley made up a character or are these the actual thoughts of Bob Mosley?
This album is a fascinating listen. Fans of Leonard Cohen would love this record. Bob Mosley can really belt out the rockers and soften up a bit for the sad blues tinged numbers.
Since he produced this album, Mosley is in complete control.

- Allan J Moore