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Our Manifesto

This site celebrates record collecting, in the original vinyl. We spotlight the good, the bad, the psychedelic, the strange and the long lost classics that should be heard again. It is not our aim to offer an all inclusive profile on any particular artist but to showcase albums that we think are worth hearing or, in some cases not.

The primary aim of this site it to provide a personal view of a particular album that we feel has merit, good - or so bad that it's good, as a collectors item.

We give a rating to each album: MUSIC - from 1 to 5 stars, our opinion of the quality and importance of the music on the record

Cover art, which has largely been rendered moot by CD's, is important to us so we try to present good photographs of the album art. Keep in mind that these are records from our collection and may show signs of wear.

The opinions expressed here are the writers alone and that is where you as a visitor and record collector come in. We welcome submissions from record collectors (see our contact info below).

Site Authors

- Allan J. Moore

Allan is a writer, RN and a record collector.


Thomas Parker Williams is a visual artist, and a record collector.

General Questions

The email address for general questions, ideas, complaints and submissions is


We at Vinyl History accept review submissions from record collectors. If you have a vinyl album in your collection that you feel deserves collector attention or, if you have an alternate viewpoint of an album that we have reviewed or a import or alternative album cover, we are interested in hearing from you. We like all kinds of music, rock, funk, jazz, and outlaw/alt country but are mainly interested in records that are obscure and have not been widely written about.

We are looking for good writing and good photographs. We are not interested in band biography, or new band promotional material for CD releases. If you are in a current band and are releasing your music on vinyl drop us a line.

Reviews should be concise and informative. Our aim is to inform our readers about the music on the record as well as information about limited edition and alternate covers. You don't have to write as we do, but your review should follow the conventions of the site.

We will try to respond as soon as possible to your submissions. We will not post any reviews with personal attacks, racism or hate speech. Your reviews, if accepted, will be posted as a permanent part of our site and you will be credited with a byline and a small profile on our writers page. Make sure to include JPEG photograph files with your submission.