Man - Columbia 1969

Music - 5 stars

Man - front cover

front cover

Man - rear cover

rear cover

Man - 45 rpm single

rare 45 single


Excellent album by a group fronted by Supa and Dennis Belline. The production was done by the legendary Bob Johnston.

The album gets five stars for extraordinary songwriting "Riverhead Jail," ,"Brother John" and ,"Far too many Changes Came" hold up well today
If you've heard anything, it's probably "Sister Salvation," a "turntable hit" on a few progressive rock stations at the time the record was released. "Man" has a high degree of imagination, is very accessible, and has a unique singer with Supa.

Unfortunately the group never jelled, and broke up after this record
We suggest seeking this album out. It's a great addition to a 60's collection, and a long lost musical treasure. The album jacket has a misty photo of the band members

- Allan J Moore

Man, rare 45 Girl of the North Country