Visa 1971

Music - 5 stars

 Mainhorse - front cover

front cover

 Mainhorse - rear cover

rear cover


This is a terrific period piece for progressive rock fans. One can also see this record as a model for the jazz-rock fusion popular in the late 70's.

Keyboard whiz Patrick Moraz shines, and swirls through seven songs, while Peter Lockett displays some really hot guitar. Bryson Grahm and Jean Pastori form a cooking rhythm section, and the vocals [Lockett and Pastori] are a perfect fit. This is one of those album's that gets better with every listen.
If you like Emerson Lake and Palmer, Return To Forever, Stanley Clarke, or Brian Auger's Oblivion Express you're going to love this record.

It is in print on CD.
See also Patrick Moraz

- Allan J Moore

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