Jim Sullivan
Jim Sullivan
Century City Records 1969

Music - 4 stars

Jim Sullivan - gatefold cover

gatefold cover

Jim Sullivan - gatefold inside

gatefold inside
Note: the handwriting inside is actually printed and are comments about his life and career.


Sometimes, when you have a large vinyl collection, you don't know what you have in it. In 2010, on NPR, I heard the story of Jim Sullivan and that his long lost 1969 self titled debut album was being re-released with the title "UFO", little did I know that I had the original, discovered in my own collection while searching for something else. I have no idea where or when I acquired it.

The back story is interesting to say the least. In 1975 on a trip to Nashville, TN he disappeared without a trace in New Mexico. Because of the song UFO there is speculation about a possible extraterrestrial abduction since his personal effects were found intact.

The music is a blend of country and folk rock with very interesting lyrics. Jim's voice is a smooth fit with the sometimes rich arrangements

The song "UFO", on close listen, speaks of a man that is the only one that he knew that got "up from the dead" and that "lotta people living by the words that he said" and "Did he come by UFO". This seems to me to suggest possibly Jesus. Anyway, it is a haunting song. that will stick in your head. The rest of the album deals with death, "So natural", possibly drugs in a magical sense "Jerome", and problematic relationships but the songs are lyrically dense and could have multiple meanings.

The album has been re-issued as "UFO" on "Light in the Attic Records" and is well recommended as an interesting period piece.