J.D. Blackfoot
The Ultimate Prophecy
Mercury 1970

Music - 5 stars

J.D. Blackfoot - front cover

front cover

J.D. Blackfoot - lyric sheet

lyric sheet

J.D. Blackfoot - rear cover

rear cover


J.D. Blackfoot has a vision. His vision plays out on one of the most audacious, furious, loud and imaginative pieces of psychedelia ever committed to a record.

In about 22 minutes he starts with the creation, skips a few billion years (and mass extinctions) and tends to matters on Earth. From here, he proposes the now and future fate of mankind. There is birth, life, death and rebirth. However, the reborn will be wondrous beings that live and worship a pink sun. I like to think we are at the end of evolution where humankind has migrated to another world and has finally captured peace both timeless and indestructible.

All of this takes off with Blackfoot’s powerhouse vocals and terrifically tuneful amped up guitar rock. However, the album was dead on arrival sans some regional action in Ohio, and the St. Louis area. Then it was off to retail chain stores with what seems like thousand other sixties albums. Some very worthwhile records got the $0.47 cent sticker. Today the worm has turned. The Ultimate Prophecy is in big demand if one can even find an original. {An original cover has the man in a bowler hat with his back to a candle, and will have a one sided lyric sheet.)

The first side of the album offers up some fine country and Southern rock which is high tribute to Blackfoot's musical versatility. We still love this record all these many years later. It does sound bit dated but what we have here is a precious artifact of the late sixties. Listening is a whole lot of fun with or without a big ganja.

- Allan J Moore

Note:Note: JD Blackfoot went on to have an extremely creative career over the next four decades. Either we or J.D. were flying under the radar. I will correct this oversight. His albums are available on CD
Check out the J.D. Blackfoot website. he has an interesting story to tell.

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