Freight Train
Just The Beginning - Fly By Nite 197?

Music - 3.5 stars

Freight Train - front cover

front cover

Freight Train - rear cover

rear cover

See also The Reds


I have not been able to find out anything about this record, even a release date, but what makes it notable is that three of the four members later formed the excellent Philadelphia based band "The Reds"

Rick Shaffer, Jim Peters and Tom Geddes of the Reds along with Steve Martina, lead vocal and guitar, play the blues with enough conviction to make you think the album was recorded in South Side Chicago instead of South Philly.

The musicianship is first rate even if this collection of covers lacks some originality. Still, if you are into The Reds this would be a great flea market find.


Note: This seems to be a local Philadelphia product. The custom label - Fly By Nite was distributed by "Lost Nite Records" a Philly doo-wop institution.