Dewey Terry
Chief - Tumbleweed Records - 1972

Music - 4 and one half stars

dewey terry cover

front cover

dewey terry open


dewey terry back cover

rear cover

dewey terry page 1

page 1

dewey terry page 2

page 2

dewey terry page 3

page 3

dewey terry page 4

page 4


This is one of the great flea market finds that keeps us all on the hunt for rare vinyl.


Dewey Terry is a soul singer, pianist and guitarist with a strong church / blues feel in his music.

The album opens with a ballad accompanied only with his expansive piano and then kicks in with a great "Stax like" version of his co-written song, with Don Harris, "Big Boy Pete".

The rest of the album features funky blues and soul with great sound by the legendary producer Bill Szymczyk.

There is only one less that stellar track on the album but don't let that stop you. If you like vintage soul this is for you.


Note: This album has one of the most unusual covers that I have ever seen. It is constructed like a old time school composition book complete with lined pages, pencil written credits and photos of Dewey and the band on the last page.