The Damnation of Adam Blessing - United Artist 1970

Music - 4 stars

Which is the Justice Which is the Thief? - United Artist 1971

Music - 4 stars

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Damnation was a band from Ohio that produced three albums. The first (The Damnation of Adam Blessing) and third (Which is the Justice Which is the Thief?) are reviewed here. They featured Adam Blessing as the lead singer. He had a strong voice and was able to handel a forcefull blues like "Sometimes I feel Like I Can't Go On" from the third album as well as the delicate "Morning Dew" from the first.

Their music ranges from hard rock and folk to psychedelic pop similar to perhaps The "Strawberry Alarm Clock". Throw in some early "Jefferson Airplane" and you have an idea of the sound of the first album however, these guys are not imitators, they have a sound of their own. They totally re-imagine the Monkees classic "Last Train to Clarksville".

The third album adds string and horn arrangements that aparently, from one source, the band had nothing to do with. Don't be put off though, the arrangements are interesting and add the the strength of the songs. This is especially evident on the songs "Running Away" and "Turn to Stone" that get into "Magical Mystery Tour" territory.

The songs are written by Bill Constable and the rest of the band and are of high quality. These two albums have been re-issued on CD and are reccommended for anyone interested in late 60's rock.