Chris Hills, Everything is Everything
Comin' out of the Ghetto - Embryo 1971

Music - 5 stars

Everything is Everything - front cover

front cover

Everything is Everything - gatefold open

gate fold open

Everything is Everything - rear cover

rear cover


Chris Hills is a multi-instrumentalist, arranger and producer with credits dating back to 1966 when he played with Larry Coryell in a band called "The Free Spirits". He was also leader of "The Players Association" in the late 1970's with Michael Brecker, David Sanborn and Joe Farrell and was still active as a producer in 2005.

"Comin' out of the Ghetto" is an excellent soul album with Chris on drums, guitar, bass, trumpet, keyboards and vocals sometimes shared with Chico Waters.

The band is tight and the songs and arrangements, all originals, are good. If you are a fan of "Tower of Power", "AWB" or "The Fabulous Rhinestones" this is for you.


Note: Lawrence Revit of Revitronix, a Sound Systems and Engineering Services Company was a recording engineer on this album and has a interesting tale to tell: - "We worked zillions of hours on it - like 12 hrs a day 6 days a week - for many, many weeks. Given that Chris played nearly everything on it, that could be expected I suppose." "That was the last album to come out of Apostolic Studios - as they closed doors shortly after. I remember helping a friend of mine with a school project - an audio montage about William Blake, when Con Edison (the NYC electric company) pulled the plug. The lights went out, and the sound (the tape playback had been rolling) went djjeerrrubmtprd, coming to a halt."