Babe Ruth
Babe Ruth - Harvest 1975

Music - 4 stars

Babe Ruth - front cover

front cover

Babe Ruth - rear cover

rear cover


You can listen to this by 1975 standards and it probably sounded fairly average. The irony of this LP is that by current standards this thing is a breath of fresh air. It's a genuinely eclectic product which is neither audacious or self conscious.

The songs "Dancer", "We People Darker than Blue", "Jack O'Lantern are arch typical rock songs and all the classic memories of Plant, Slick and their trend setting groups return.

But "Turquoise" stands on it's own as a classic, and in fact everything here though derivative punches through the consciousness with musical fire and true rock and roll elan. This should be on your want list since apparently we all missed it the first time around.

- Allan J Moore