Appaloosa - Columbia 1969

Music - 5 stars

Appaloosa - front cover

front cover

Appaloosa - rear cover

rear cover


This was the beginning of the progressive rock era. Born of the British Invasion, there were unique new sounds, groups being self enclosed creative units, and audiences ready to hear all this on the new free form FM radio.

Appaloosa, was a group consisting of singer/songwriter/acoustic guitarist John Parker Compton/, Robin Batteau on violin, Gene Rosov, on cello and David Reiser, as bassist.

Already a veteran, a young Al Kooper, [Blood, Sweat, and Tears, Blues Project] constructs a flawless production. This is a low-keyed affair in the same sense that Simon and Garfunkle albums are.

The songs are stunning from start to finish, and at 19 Compton has already demonstrated a recognizable style and body of work.
Appaloosa didn't last long, but this is a great record. It's worth the effort to add this album to a serious sixties' collection.

- Allan J Moore