Mick Abrahams
The Mick Abrahams Band - A & M 1971

Music - 5 stars

Mick Abrahams Band  - front cover

front cover

Mick Abrahams Band  - inside gate fold

inside gatefold

Mick Abrahams Band  - rear cover

rear cover


An appealing and eclectic album from the first Jethro Tull guitarist. Though he's best known for leading Blodwyn Pig, this is a gem worth searching out.

Mix up some blues, progressive rock, and some countrified rock, and the whole truly is better than the sum of the parts.

The band is solid, the vocals strong, and I suspect that Mick Abrahams can play anything with strings on it.

The original vinyl pressing sports a tasteful gatefold cover.

- Allan J Moore