US 69
Yesterday's Folks
Buddah 1969

Music - 4 stars

US 69 - front cover

front cover

US 69 - rear cover

rear cover


It is hard to determine if this album is a long lost psychedelic masterpiece or just a bunch of jazz influenced musicians doing a parody of a psychedelic album, anyway, it makes for some very interesting listening.

"I'm On My Way" begins side one complete with sitars and very strange lyrics like the question "Why am I so high?" but then settles down in more conventional forms like the title track, a mid-tempo blues, and another blues form song before ending with "African Sunshine", a jazz influenced jam with a lot of percussion.

Side two begins with light, horn driven, jazz rock and then goes into Captian Beefheart territory with "Miss Goodbody" followed by the ballad "Never a Day Goes By", with very sincere 1960's lyrics and ending with "A Spaced Oddity" a fusion of song form and electronics - a bit ahead of its time.

This one may be tough to find but is well worth it at a good price. It grows on you with each listen.