Vinyl History - The Un-heard Story

In memory of
Allan J. Moore
7/1/1947 - 10/2/2021
My friend, listening buddy and co-founder of Vinyl
I will miss you - TPW

record progression

I met Allan in the school yard of Collingswood High School when we were in 8th grade. At the time I was learning about ham radio and electronics and I had given a talk to the science class about it. Allan came up to me and said that he wanted to be on real radio, WIBG in Philadelphia. This floored me. I could not conceive of such a thing.
We started talking and when I visited him at his house he had a drawer full of 45 rpm singles and a record player. We spent many Saturday afternoons listening to his portable player. This started the bond. We were both music heads and we started to visit record stores together with the limited funds that paper routes could provide.
Allan was always searching out music on the radio and he found WHAT FM the jazz station and told me about it. Then we both started to buy jazz. We would take the bus to Philly and go to Radio 437 store and Lit Bros. In Camden.
We somehow got through the horrible high school we were imprisoned in and Allan managed to get out one year earlier than I did. Neither of us were good students but I had a trade and Allan was able to go to college and do well.
In 1967 music changed. Coming home from a bar, at 2.00 in the morning, that allowed us to drink, just before we were of legal age, Allan’s car radio was on and he yelled, this is it, this is what I was telling you about, the long version of Light my Fire by the Doors, it was a life changing experience.
Now, with the new music and FM free form radio, Allan’s interest in actually being on air really expanded and I started to build a minimal recording set up so we could make tapes with the intention of actually getting material and him on FM radio. We were interested in making music documentaries and sophisticated radio production. Allan would write and announce and I would edit and produce. You may hear some of this radio material at the Vinyl History Radio tab on this site.
We were not ultimately successful in our quest because neither of us were salesmen but we spent a lifetime together with the music we both love and spent many nights listening until dawn.
In 2008 we founded, a website of reviews of records we loved and thought should be heard. Some of Allan’s writing can be seen there.
There was much fun and laughter in our time together. Allan was a teacher, then we were in a business together and finally he became an RN. We met our wonderful wives around the same time 32 years ago.
Allan’s life due to depression had many trials but until his health started to fail he kept going and was a person I could always trust and talk to about many deep things.
Due to the pandemic I was not able to see him as before but we talked on the phone often. I was glad to be able to see him one last time.
I am going to miss you man.

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When we started this site in 2008 vinyl had not made the comeback that it enjoys today. Now many bands issue new recordings on vinyl and many classic rock and Jazz albums are being reissued with original artwork and liner notes, some in deluxe packages.

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