The Reds - Stronger Silence - Stony Plain 1981

The Reds - front cover

front cover

The Reds - rear cover

rear cover


Music - 5 stars

After releasing their first album for A&M [a real stunner] one would certainly be tempted to squeeze out another pretty similar record. However, the band chooses a road not often taken. They open with the ominous hard rocking "The Danger" and pull a really nice downshift into a melodic "Stronger Silence" the effect being a six minute.tune. "Don’t Let Go" is a really huge sounding song with a terrific Rick Shaffer guitar solo. Bruce Cohen's "It's not the same Thing" allows for a nice guitar solo which doesn't over run the tune. "I don’t Know" is another Shaffer song and allows room for a rippling solo.

"Stronger Silence" is a huge creative jump for the Reds. Bruce Cohen's keyboards can trade leads, accent, or pull back. The limber rhythm section of Tommy Geddes and Jim Peters play with heartfelt conviction. The lyrics are first rate. Songs deal with discord, conflict, and suicide, but reflect both timeless human concerns and life in a violent, recession ridden welfare state. The haunting "Just a Second" on side 2 includes a command to close your eyes which sets up Bruce Cohen's superb keyboard conclusion piece "Signal". Everything works here; Creative songwriting involving all, terrific playing, fresh arranging, a powerful and clear front man and kudos to those who ran the board. Absolutely Perfect!