The Reds - Fatal Silde - Stony Plain 1982

The Reds - front cover

front cover

The Reds - rear cover

rear cover


Music - 5 stars

Though they were relatively unknown at this point in their career The Reds cast a long shadow over the music of the early 1980'S.This masterpiece is what we see as the "Keyboard album."

The brand is still dominant ‘but the Reds are always moving forward. The power on "Fatal Slide" comes from Bruce Cohen's keyboard driven by the rhythm section of Tommy Geddes and Jim Peters. Rick Shaffer concentrates on a superb set of lyrics. His vocals are sometimes ominous, sometimes angry and at times understanding.

As usual there are no soft spots on the album but "Fatal Slide", "Social Service", "Do what you want" and the hypnotic "Mister Z" are songs every music head needs to hear.

It’s possible that “Fatal Slide” could serve as an artistic template for Depeche Mode starting with the "Black Celebration" period but that's some Vinyl History Musing over another Red's outstanding record. Take this one to a quiet spot relax and enjoy magnificent music.