The Common People - Of the people/by the people/for the people - Capitol 1969

The Common People - front cover

front cover

The Common People - rear cover

rear cover


Music - 3 and one half stars

There is something fascinating about this album. It took a few listens but I found myself hooked. This band can write memorable songs. Side one is dark and menacing, and the whole effect stays with me long after I’ve stopped listening to the album. David Axelrod had a hand in the production which probably helped convey the hypnotic mood.

Side two turns in a completely different direction starting with a strangely humorous tune entitled “they didn’t even go to the funeral”. Things get a little bizarre from here but the music stays well crafted. This is the only album by the Common People and it’s very sixties. I found it a strange albeit fun listen

Note: This album is still around and can be purchased from Borders books and music has it at a better price. The reissue adds 4 songs.
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