Streetwalkers Vicious But Fair - Mercury 1977

Streetwalkers - front cover

front cover

Streetwalkers - rear cover

rear cover


Music - 3 stars

Competent hard rock from the remnants of Family.


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Roger Chapman and Charlie Whitney would pick up again around 1974 as Streetwalkers. "Vicious But Fair", the only album we have heard, moves away from progressive rock and pushes into territory theretofore occupied by Free, Savoy Brown, Foghat, and the newly formed and highly touted Bad Company. Roger Chapman is great fronting a blues-rock band and any group with Bobby Tench gets kicked up a notch. While Family was terrific, Streetwalkers, not so much. There was some interest in the UK but whatever audience Family had in the US had long since evaporated. There are four Streetwalkers albums, all available on cd. Recommended for completists and fans of mid to late Seventy's blues based rock. - AJM