Starz - Starz - Capitol - 1976

Starz - front cover

front cover

Starz - rear cover

rear cover


Music - 3 and one half stars

One could argue that Starz was a progenitor of the pop metal explosion of the 1980's. This New York band got off to a flying start with an appearance on Don Kirshner's Sunday Night Rock concert.

The band had a nifty looking logo, and the lead singer bore a passing resemblance to Mick Jagger. This album was arena rock formula, but the band wrote some really decent songs. Starz was best known for a song dealing with euthanasia entitled Pull the Plug.

Critics hated Starz but one has to understand a critic's mindset. Critics like music that is difficult, challenging, profound, provocative and/or all of the aforementioned. Everything can't be Abbey Road, Blood on the Tracks, or Born To Run. Starz first album is a fun listen, it certainly rocks, and I'll just leave it there.