Starz - Attention Shoppers - Capitol - 1978

Attention Shoppers - front cover

front cover

Attention Shoppers - rear cover

rear cover


Music - 4 stars

Starz deserves a huge credit for trying something different. The guitar buzz is still here but toned down some. Two differences emerge from albums 1 and 2.
The songwriting has improved, or possibly evolved is a better descriptive term. Also the band has moved outside their "critical niche" and created a diverse power pop recording.

"Hold On To The Night" is a Bonjovi like tune [before Bonjovi really arrived]. There's also the template for the big power ballad evidenced by "The third time is the charm" and the 7 minute closer "Johnny all alone". We have the retro [Anyway you Want It] I'll Be There's, a nod to the Beatles and/or The Dave Clark Five. X-Ray Specs rocks hard, and as usual there's an oddity, this called Good Ale We Seek.

This album is a must for Starz fans, and for anyone interested in mid 70's rock styling. It's a shame the album and the group got lost in the ether.