ST John Green
ST John Green - Flick Disc 1968

St John Green - front cover

front cover

St John Green - rear cover

rear cover


Music - no stars

We're warning all of you. This is a Bad Trip Man.... What a bummer! Somehow the legend of ST John Green has been passed on to generations of record collectors for nearly 40 years.
For those who delight in the truly awful [and we know you are out there] check out the cover of St John Green. Go after this baby, drop it on your turntable and be appalled. This is truly revolting stuff, with no redeeming value

Yes it is truly revolting stuff but until you have heard "Messages From The Dead", a four plus minute screaming essay on the seven layers of hell your psychedelic experience is not complete. The acid must have been really bad when they recorded this one.
The album also sports groovy liner notes about how mystical the band is.