Horslips - Happy To Meet Sorry To Part - Atco 1973

Horslips - front cover

front cover

Horslips - gatefold - book page 1

gatefold - book page 1

Horslips - gatefold - book page 2-3

gatefold - book page 2-3

Horslips - gatefold - book page 4-5

gatefold - book page 4-5

Horslips - gatefold - book page 6-7

gatefold - book page 6-7

Horslips - gatefold - book page 8

gatefold - book page 8

Horslips - rear cover

rear cover


Music - 5 stars

This is the first Horslips album released in America and ATCO records pulled out all the stops with the packaging. The cover, shaped like a concetrtina, with a 8 page color booklet and many die cuts is the type of packaging that made limited edition vinyl collecting great. This is a DJ promo copy and not all of the die cut features on the front cover are removed. I do not know if all of the copies of this record have this extensive packaging.

Horslips could be described as an Irish version of progressive rock bands like Genesis but their music draws on traditional Celtic acoustic folk music that they blend with electric instrumentation. These guys can play equally well in both styles and have strong song writing skills. Stand out tracks include the beautiful ballad "The Shamrock Shore" and the high spirited "High Reel". Two of the songs have titles in the traditional Irish language.

The whole album flows together seamlessly and is like a musicial journey to Ireland. This album and other Horslips albums have been released on CD