Siebel, Paul
Woodsmoke & Oranges - Ekectra 1969

Woodsmoke and Oranges - front cover

front cover

Woodsmoke and Oranges - rear cover

rear cover


Music - 5 stars

The Paul Siebel Show opened and closed far to quickly. But he did leave this marvelous album as part of his Musical Legacy.

His songs weren't complicated unless you see every single lifespan complicated. Siebel writes of the post world war two generation. They came back from a war, started families and did what they had always done which is sacrifice.

Then they find themselves growing older, lonelier, and learning to deal with disappointment. And what about the children they lavished so much on, who sneer at their antiquated values. And there's the sad story of "Louise," and the troubling one about "Honest Sam". Both will always be around in one form or another.

Paul Siebel will never preach, he's too tasteful and polite for that. For you who have heard Woodsmoke and Oranges, does life change a whole lot?