Record Collecting Sources

Record Collecting Tips


If you have one of the old changers that lets you put a stack on throw it away. It will destroy your vinyl.

Good turntables that will not hurt your records and deliver excellent sound are available new from about $200.00.
DJ tables are available new from music stores and are pretty good for general listening however, DJ cartridges track too heavy for prolonging record life. Make sure that you can put a standard or P-Mount cartridge on any table you buy. You can find good used tables out there but buyer beware, check for wear and function carefully. Avoid cheap, new, no name, Chinese junk that may look good in the box but play badly.

Quality turntables are available on the web from higher end equipment dealers. These generally run from $300.00 to thousands of dollars. Like anything else you get what you pay for but your turntable should match the rest of your system. You will not get the real benefits of an $1800.00 turntable unless the rest of your system, amplifiers, speakers, headphones etc. will deliver the response that the turntable puts out.