Our Manifesto

This site celebrates record collecting, in the original vinyl. We spotlight the good, the bad, the psychedelic, the strange and the long lost classics that should be heard again. It is not our aim to offer an all inclusive profile on any particular artist, although from time to time, we will add essays on an artist's work.

The primary aim of this site it to provide a personal view of a particular album that we feel has merit, good - or so bad that it's good, as a collectors item.

We give a rating to each album: MUSIC - from 1 to 5 stars, our opinion of the quality and importance of the music on the record

Cover art, which has largely been rendered moot by CD's, is important to us so we try to present good photographs of the album art. Keep in mind that these are records from our collection and may show signs of wear.

The opinions expressed here are the writers alone and that is where you as a visitor and record collector come in. We welcome submissions from record collectors (see our FEEDBACK page). In the beginning we will focus on what was known as progressive rock primarily from the 1960's and 1970's but as the site develops we will expand the scope.

Website Notes

The look and operation of our website is very important to us and we have taken great care to present good writing as well as good images of the records. We have attempted to use, with very few exceptions, code that validates with Worldwide Web Consortium standards.

This, of course brings us to browser compatibility. This site will perform well with any W3C.org compliant browser. For more information you can check out Browse happy.com a site with good information about the high quality free browsers out there you can download. In the near future we will be making our site compatible for handhelds as well.

You will find, through out this site, links to other relevant sites that are provided for our readers. We have no commercial agreements with any of these sites. - Good listening and good browsing.

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