Mackay, Rabbit & The Somis Rhythm Boyze
Passing Through - Uni 1969

Passing Through - front cover

front cover

Passing Through - rear cover

rear cover


Music - 5 stars

This is one of the greatest bands that nobody ever heard.
This time the group cranks up the amps and takes listeners on another sonic adventure.

"Stranger Here" is a rough hewn intro. We have a terrific interplay between an acoustic guitar and a banjo with Mackay's powerful voice riding atop. The song craft is first rate. Tendency to be Free, Amelia Earhart's Last Flight, and a snarling cover of Bob Dylan's anti-war epic John Brown are highlights.

The second side has six first rate songs. Clever and memorable lyrics, first rate musicianship, and really fine melodies round out a superior record.

Rabbit, if you ever see this, please grab your guitar and let everyone hear more