Jim Carroll Band - Catholic Boy - Atco 1980

Jim Carroll Band Catholic Boy - front cover

front cover

Jim Carroll Band Catholic Boy - rear cover

rear cover


Music - 5 stars

Catholic boy is a punk masterpiece. The late Jim Carroll was a downtown new York poet and published author when he turned his talents to writing songs. There are some influences here like Lou Reed, Patty Smith and William Burroughs however Jim has his own distinct way of writing. The songs play like short stories set to music chronicling the dark, drug infested contemporary scene of New York in the seventies.

"Wicked Gravity" starts off side one with a tight and minimalist guitar attack, "People who died" closes the side with an up tempo tribute to all of Jim's friends who met their ends in various ways. This song actually was played played on rock radio at the time and became a minor hit.

"When the city drops into the night" opens side two and is a four and one half minute "Film Noir". Jim's voice is expressive and well suited to the material and his band is tight and strong with excellent minimalist production, there are no weak tracks. Highly recommended by Vinyl History

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Jim was a published author and spoken word artist. "The Basketball Diaries", published when He was a teenager, was made into a movie. Some of his spoken word performances can be heard on "Praying Mantis" - CD 1991 which contains Jim's essays on many subjects. One of the best ones "Tiny Tortures" nails some of the absurdities of performance art.

Jim sorry you left us in 2009.... rest in peace.