Gypsy - Gypsy - Metromedia 1970

Gypsy - front cover

front cover

Gypsy - front cover

gate fold open

Gypsy - rear cover

rear cover


Music - 5 stars

Gypsy is nothing if not ambitious. Their self titled debut is a two record set and remains one of the finest albums of the progressive rock era.

The band is a self contained unit, with equal excellence on keyboard and guitar, and a great rhythm section. Strings are added occasionally for drama as on the 8 minute beauty "Decisions," and in a few places just for accent as a light intermittent rain. I always contend that a band rises and falls on material. Gypsy has invented a bottomless box of memorable songs and delivered them with unique styling. (Think Moody Blues, Beach Boys, Canada's undervalued Lighthouse, the Alan Parsons Project, and Caravan).

That said Gypsy's music sounds like no one else and has stood the test of time superbly. Today this album has a global aura. Think mixing dramatic, beautiful, and jazzy progressive rock.

Gypsy never found the recipe for chart success, which is sad for music heads and prog-rock lovers everywhere. This is one of those albums where you have 4 sides of music to drop the tone arm and hear something memorable. This package is an attractive gatefold. The front shows the profile of a gypsy woman, which opens to a view of the band in a pastoral setting.