Groundhogs - Hogwash - United Artist 1972

Groundhogs, Hogwash - front over

front cover

Groundhogs, Hogwash - front over open

front cover open

Groundhogs, Hogwash - front over

inside gatefold open


Music - 4 stars

This album is a guitar based progressive allbum where the Groundhogs still use a blues base but add more complex timing shifts and synthesisers. Some of the tracks really rock like "James Road","Sad is the Hunter" and "S'one Song". "Earth Shanty" finds the band in full progressive mode with synthesiser orchestrations. All of the tracks are McPhee originals. I see this album as a prototype of music such as "Rush's" "Permanent Waves". The album, like many progressive albums is not without it's excesses, a one minute flanged drum solo, but that is a small point. This was a very creative band

The packaging is what vinyl is made for, a triple gatefold, that could turn into a poster.