Groundhogs - Blues Obituary - Imperial Records 1969

Groundhogs, Blues Obituary - front cover

front cover

Groundhogs, Blues Obituary - rear cover

front cover


Music - 4 stars

As you may have guessed from the title, the Groundhogs are a blues band. This early period album is a mainly live in the studio affair with minimal overdubs. Tony T.S. McPhee's guitar has the raw bite of Chicago by way of the delta with a bit of John Lee Hooker thrown in. Six of the songs are originals by McPhee with "Natchez Burning" a reworking of a traditional song as a slow, urban, electric number. The last song on the album,"Light Was The Day" is a preview of things to come as the bands music turned more progressive.

When I look at this cover I am reminded of the classic Monty Python bit about the undertakers that all wind up in the casket. I wonder who influenced whom here because both projects were done in 1969.