Graham Bond With Magick - We Put Our Magick On You - Mercury 1971

Graham Bond - front cover

front cover

Graham Bond - gatefold open

gatefold open

Graham Bond - gatefold back

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Music - 4 stars

Graham Bond was one of a group of musicians in England that pioneered jazz-rock. His first group, the "Graham Bond Organisation", back in 1964 contained Jack Bruce and Ginger Baker, later of Cream and Dick Heckstall-Smith, later of Colosseum. He later collaborated with Ginger Baker on his two "Air Force" albums.

This album "Graham Bond with Magick" is an interesting mix of blues with jazz-like soloing and elements of what would later be called world music. One of the songs "Ajama" is sung in Nigereian. The music gets into some good solid jams with organ, sax and flute. The liner notes contain detailed explainations of the song lyrics which explore eastern thought, mysticism and magick. All and all a great package and a really good listen.