Gil Scott-Heron - Spirits - TVT Records - 1993

Gil Scott Heron - front cover

front cover

Gil Scott Heron - gate fold

gate fold open

Gil Scott Heron - rear cover

rear cover


Music - 5 stars

The two albums "Spirits" 1993, and "I'm New Here" 2010 form bookends of the later, troubled period of Gil's life that was plagued with drug addiction and may be some of the most personal expressions he ever did.

"Spirits" starts off with "Message to the Messengers" a directive to rappers to use their medium in a positive way. The title track is a vocal version of John Coltrane's "Spirits" and "Give Her A Call" and "Spirits Past" are fine examples of Gil's great songwriting. The second side contains the work of a man struggling with his demons. "The Other Side" is a harrowing remake of his earlier "Home is Where the Hatred Is" and it cooks with raw energy and power. "Don't Give Up" is a heartfelt song about overcoming adversity, both external and internal.