Family - Fearless - United Artists 1971

family_fearless - front cover

front cover

family_fearless - gate fold

cover gate fold

family_fearless - rear cover

rear cover


Music - 5 stars

Totally seamless set of short songs which we think are the high water mark in their canon. This is signature Family, heavy and full of power and passion. From the opening chords of "Between Blue and me" To the fade of "Burning Bridges" the listener is drawn into their world.

Fearless is the most English of the Family output, but we are not referencing the Kinks. Picture yourself in a British pub on a cold night hoisting a pint by the fire. The songs: "Sat'dy Barfly", the gorgeous acapella "Larf and Sing" and "Spanish Tide" are unforgettable. Vocals are shared by Charlie Whitney, John Wetton, And Roger Chapman.

For the unfamiliar, we note that Roger Chapman's vocals can flatten the ears of small mammals. Poli Palmer Adds some enticing vibes and Rob Townsend Pushes it all along with tasty percussion.

There isn't a throwaway, and the original record has a booklet style gate fold cover. This is great vinyl to search out but if you must go the CD route Amazon's vendors carry it. However you do it, You've got to hear this music