Family - Anyway - United Artists 1970

family_anyway - front cover

front cover

family_anyway - rear cover

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Music - 5 stars

Anyway”is a stupendous album. It's divided into a live side and a side featuring some amazing studio work. It's hard to describe Family's music since it's so astonishingly eclectic, but these guys pull it off. Side one starts with the seven minute "Good News-bad news" a monster rhythm section driving Roger Chapman's lions roar voice. Right in the middle of the tune there is a vibe solo worthy of two very special jazz musicians: Bobby Hutcherson and Milt Jackson. "Willow tree"is a solid and very pretty jazz piece. There's no jazz rock here, Famiy delivers the real product.

"Holding the compass" and "Strange Band" round out the the side and the group brings a violin into the mix. Side two lowers the decibels and other than "In in my own time" the songs slide into a peaceful suite. As with all of Family's music every album is unique. I hadn't heard "Anyway" in quite a long time when I reviewed it, but it wound up on my turntable for over a week. Though attractive, the cover lists nothing about the band nor the song titles. I'm not sure this is the best way to market an extraordinary album. Unless you are familiar with the band you really don't have any idea what it is. You can find the band performing "In my own time" on you tube. Our advice, Get This Record. We at Vinyl History give it our highest recommendation. Family "Anyway" has been discontinued by the manufacturer of the CD, but it's well worth hunting down.