The Fabulous Rhinestones - The Fabulous Rhinestones - Just Sunshine 1972

The Fabulous Rhinestones  - front cover

front cover open

The Fabulous Rhinestones  - rear cover

inside Gatefold


Music - 5 stars

Kal David teams up with Harvey Brooks formerly of the Electric Flag. The result is a cool carefree sophisticated album of first rate rock with a strong blues accent. This band has terrific chops. The rhythm section with Brooks and Greg Thomas percolates perfectly, and though Kal David's guitar solos are short they are top notch. Marty Grebb fills out the groups sound with distinctive keyboard work. Kal David's stylish vocals are truly memorable and it all adds up to a cheerful, laid back, very attractive record. The original release comes in a good looking gatefold cover.
Strongly recommended by Vinyl

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