Neil Diamond - Touching You Touching Me - Uni 1969

Touching You Touching Me - front cover

front cover

Touching You Touching Me - rear cover

rear cover


Music - 2 stars

For those who hated "Brother Love" for being experimental, disjointed, or just plain strange, there is relief to be had on this collection. This is a short album, clocking in at around 30 minutes. Four of the nine tracks are covers.

Diamond is either out of material, or paying some dues to those he feels are his peers. This record doesn't show Diamond off as a great interpretive singer. His versions of "Mr. Bojangles, "Everybody's Talking", and "Both Sides Now" are pleasant enough but only Buffy Sainte –Marie's lovely "Until It's Time for you to Go" is the real charmer, and it's the last track on the album.

There are five originals. "Holly Holy" did produce a hit single, and "New York Boy" with its strange blaring horns is just plain awful. The rest, (in fact all of this), is innocuous flotsam (aural wallpaper if you will). No doubt Diamond's fans like it. If you're curious about Neil Diamond's early vinyl days there are better places to start. This is a good one for completists.